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Deep Concave Wheel Trend

image of deep concave wheel

In the past few years, I have been seeing signs of a major shift in wheel trends. Many wheelmakers are moving towards newer finishes like diamond cut and hyper silver and specialty paints. They also seem to be creating more of a concave wheel, a wheel that gracefully curves inward from the wheels outer lip to the center hub. When on the car, they create a bowl shape that curves inward towards the car's suspension. I personally like this design when executed correctly on the right vehicle.

image of civic with concave wheels


Negative Camber with Low Offset Wheels

image of positive and negative camber

Camber is the tilting of the wheels from the vertical when viewed from the front of the vehicle. When the wheels tilt outward at the top, the camber is positive. When the wheel tilts inward at the top, the camber is negative. The amount of tilt is measured in degrees from the vertical. Camber settings influence the directional control and the tire wear. Too much positive camber will result in premature wear on the outside of the tire and cause excessive wear on the suspension parts.Too much negative camber will result in premature wear on the inside of the tire and cause excessive wear on the suspension parts.Unequal side-to-side camber of 1° or more will cause the vehicle to pull or lead to the side with the most positive camber.

S2000 with negative camber

Combining negative camber with low offset wide wheels and blowing narrow tires accross them, this is another trend I see springing up all over. I can't say i'm a fan, but i'm trying to be open minded, maybe it'll grow on me. This is almost as if they know the wheel should be tucked in the fender and not stick out, but they just have to have a low offset deep dish wheel for their high offset import. I hope the automotive or autopart aftermarket industry is watching you guys and helps you with your low offset wheel fetish on your high offset import, maybe in a few years they'll pull that hub more inward more for you.

  Civic with negative camber

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